About Pollock Dickerson

Pollock Dickerson Associates was founded in 1991 to provide exceptional and comprehensive services in club master planning and design. Our offices are located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and New York City. For the past two decades, prestigious clubs nationwide have trusted us with their most challenging projects. Our broad range of design services has expanded to respond to our clients' needs and to address new trends within club memberships.

Our team consistently provides visionary effective club design as a result of our team’s extensive experience and our passion for solving your particular problem. Refined through the successful completion of over eighty club projects for more than thirty clubs nationwide, our design process is founded on building a collaborative partnership with our client. Our experts listen closely to you, your membership, and your staff to gain a real understand of your membership’s history and culture, and to accurately identify your needs, project requirements, and financial and other constraints. This collaborative approach ensures that the solution we design for your club is a shared visionone that is enduring and memorable for generations to come.